Desktop Woes?

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I chanced upon this blog here, which complains that “Everybody who’s used a modern operating system for more than five minutes has been met with the hassle of juggling too many windows.”
Such may be the case. I really don’t know exactly what sort of ease of use Mr. Paul Miller has in mind. But IMHO if quick access to the desktop is an issue, it has been addressed by a small application
called Winkey, many moons ago, produced by Copernic Software. It has long since been abandoned. But I have a copy from the yore and when I press Win+D, I get to look at my desktop, with all the open windows minimized with a single keystroke. And if I ever needed to look at the list of open windows, good old alt+tab did the trick.
Now all I use my machine is for Word processing, tramping around the web, a bit of page layout . . . and I guess that’s about it. Well, I do put on the odd music tracks over the VLC too. And it has been sufficient for me.

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