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There is an old four line verse in Sanskrit ascribed to ancient Indian sage Chanakya. It goes something like this:
Protects like a mother
Engaged in welfare like a father
Like a wife, washes away sorrows with entertainment –
What does not education do to its adherers like a philosopher’s stone.

I’d say – in my personal life – internet has been performing the same role as education like Chanakya said. It has led me to Project Gutenberg, the heaven of all impoverished bookworms. It has led me to Jamendo, the heaven of all impoverished music-lovers. It has led me to Robert Burton Robinson, who’s quest in the literary world has acted as a rebuke to me for my own stupid inaction – beside providing excellent literary entertainment.  It has also taught me to look for gems in nooks and crannies of this vast ocean of electronic information.
Of them I plan to write one by one. I know no one reads my blog. That is not exactly a matter of sorrow. On the contrary it – sort of – relieves me of the responsibility to write sensibly. It’s like being alone in a public park late in the evening, you can’t see anybody around you, but then you know you may not be exactly alone. There might be one or two folks lurking around, engrossed in their own business, but they might look up and steal a glance at you if you let things go out of hand.
Presently what occupies my mind is a bespectacled young woman. If that’s all that there was about her, it’d have been all right. First of all, she is pretty. That is an over-simplification. I personally have this thing for women with glasses. And she definitely looks like someone, one would want sit with and chat one’s head off, watching the dazzling sun turn into a crimson ball and still not feel bored. (Indeed, now that I write and imagine the scene, I think it’ll be quite interesting to watch her black curls shining off the sombre glow of the setting sun.) Added to that is her voice, divine and soulful. Then there is the way she strums her guitar.  You can almost smell the raw, dew-bathed blades of grass in that sound.

In brief she is magnificent.

She is Ingrid Michaelson.

Of late my focus has mostly been on techno and trance. I almost accidentally bumped into her in www., while roaming around in cyberspace, travelling from one site to another.


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