Dear Diary . . .

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The need to express oneself is often satiated through the written word. Not everyone belong to that category though. For me, however, it is always the written word – be it a form of entertainment through reading or expression  through writing. The latter doesn’t  always need to be put up in a post for everyone to see. Sometimes it is even necessary that others do not see what I have written.
To address such needs as these, I have been scouring the internet since this morning for a site that might let me post the numerous notes that I often key in in my Nokia N70-1. (That machine has a serious handicap in this regard, but more about that later.) At the browser, I got this inspiration and directly typed “” at the address bar half expecting to be slapped with an error message stating that such a page doesn’t exist. But to my amazement, the Firefox returned a site that apparently allows users to record their diaries. I was elated and wasted no time to register for this site.
The interface was almost minimalistic and easy to handle. Nothing to muddle you up here. One just types one’s name, user id and email and twice the password and you are ready to go. In the next page one is asked to choose a name of your diary from a list or choose one that says “I will name my own diary”. The problem is – in the following pages, it doesn’t ask you what you want to you name your diary, but names it after your user id, which considering the name of a diary, can be pretty dull. The only solution it appeared at the time was to delete one’s account and re-register, choosing whatever default diary name was available.
It is at that point that I am right now. I don’t know whether I’d be able to re-register with my old email address or not.


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One Response to Dear Diary . . .

  1. Barbara Wolfsong says:

    Cool . . . I did not know about . . . 😀
    Thanks for sharing .. .

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