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I came across this interesting post while looking for other peoples’ views on Nokia N96. That is something I lust after. I guess all of us have something that we truly want – something that we think would make life complete for us. Whether it does so or not is a different question altogether. But getting what one wants, is what I fancy talking about at this point.

This chap had his heart set on a Sony Ericsson Model – an Xperia X1. I don’t think this one is available in India yet. There was the question of price as well as that of the carrier. I guess there aren’t too many options in the UK when you’re choosing a cellular handset. You have to limit your choice within what your service provider will offer. In India, if you are a GSM customer you’re quite free to choose which handset you’d buy – from the very basic 1110 or F3 to feature-reach N95 or MotoQ, the choice is yours. The user in the UK is not that lucky, I guess. However, I am not going into the technicalities, or the whys and wherefores. But the way he got what he wanted, bypassing the machinations of the companies. It is an interesting story, and I believe it should better be heard from its original narrator at the link above.

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