The Precious Laptop

So, the laptop is ready to join that elite band of heirlooms formerly enjoyed by watches, crockeries? Why not?
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The Luvaglio folks still seem a bit press shy — either due to the info “leaked” last month, or a willful attempt to drum up interest — but now they’re back for more, and this time they’ve got a much better pic of this outlandishly priced laptop of theirs. Of course, it’s pretty dang difficult to cram enough technology and precious materials into something this size to ever begin to justify that million dollar price tag, but the supposed Blu-ray, SSD and “full” upgradability specs have all piqued our interest in a theoretical sense — much more fun than slapping some shiny stuff on the case and calling it good. The built-in USB memory stick / MP3 player, and “integrated screen cleaning” seem a bit odd, but hopefully all will be revealed in time. The extra fancy part is that the notebook can be built with the “owner’s choice of precious metals, leathers and real woods,”
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