This is Greg Tenorly . . .

This book (The Bicycle Shop Murder) is not the introduction, not to me anyway. I accidentally bumped into Mr. Greg Tenorly when I was rifling through the freebies in the Google Books. The first title that I came across was The Hideaway Hospital Murders. I was too excited to find the word “Murders” in the Title and with the fact that the book could be read online free to notice that It was “Book Two of the Greg Tenorly Mystery Series”.
That I hunted down the first one in the series is — I guess — indication enough how much I liked the Book Two.
Robert Burton Robinson brings in a freshness in his writing that I haven’t seen in this genre for a while. The reason could be that the last mystery that I read was written almost seventy years ago. The author’s name is familiar and will strike an immediate chord to many. Of course, Agatha Christie’s work continue to thrill readers even fifty years after its publication. But then a classic is a classic and contemporary is, after all, contemporary. And if Greg Tenorly is the shape of things to come, then I, for one, am not going to complain.
Greg Tenorly as the central character is – if we may call his character that – is one of us. He is not the traditional ‘hero’ with almost supernatural abilities to find clues and arrive at conclusions from them. He is not very physical in solving mysteries, kicking and punching, delivering deadly martial art chops. When he does react at the call of the circumstances, it is in a bumbling sort of way, we would find in ourselves.
Robert Burton Robinson’s storytelling is unique in the way that he doesn’t keeps his readers at edge by making them guess who did what, but what’s going to happen next. The fun – and I must say the thrill – remains in guessing what might we learn at the coming pages. The suspense that he builds is of a different kind, and it is delicious in its own sweet way.


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  1. Surya, thanks so much for the wonderful review. I’m so glad you enjoy my books and I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts about them.

    Best Wishes,

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